Patient Reviews: Douglas C. Wisch, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Wisch
  • “Dr. Wisch addressed all my questions. I appreciate not being abruptly dismissed from care for my worker's comp case.”
    – Heather F.
  • “Beautiful visit. Dr. Wisch is the best doctor.”
    – Rolando C.
  • “Dr. Wisch was very professional, friendly, and seemed really concerned /happy about my healing. I felt like he really was as excited as I was about my healing progress. If any problems should arise in the future, I would definitely be back.”
    – Charlie K.
  • “It’s was good. Dr. Wisch is informative and easy to talk to.”
    – Jackie M.
  • “I appreciated the time Dr. Wisch gave me. He was clear in explaining my condition and options for dealing with it now and in the future. I feel that I have a better understanding of what I can expect as to the progression of my condition and that surgery is the last option, rather than the first. I like the conservative approach.”
    – Mary M.
  • “Dr. Wisch was tremendous and had a one on one concern for my medical discomfort - Great Dr.!”
    – Gerald B.
  • “Dr. Wisch is a doctor who truly cares and connects with his patients in a way that is so pleasant and genuine. He is a fantastic hand surgeon with great intuition and expertise.”
    – Tabitha B.
  • “Very lovely nurses docs and PA - Kristen was excellent as a great team with Dr. Wisch! Clean facility! Very efficient! Ran on the exact time they said! Top-notch facility!”
    – Bruno S.
  • “Dr. Wisch was awesome. The surgery went as planned.”
    – Lori F.
  • “Dr. Wisch listen and took the time to explain the anatomy of my injury and was comforting in the outlook for my recovery. Thank you!”
    – Erno N.
  • “PA was very professional and pleasant. No waiting, she took me right back, and Dr. Wisch came in within 5 minutes. Upon exam ordered X-rays and the PA came right in, took X-rays right away. Dr. Wisch explained everything in detail. PA fit me with handguards and done.”
    – Peggy H.
  • “Friendly staff and Doctors. I felt like I was taken care of well and look forward to getting my hand fixed up.”
    – Edward M.
  • “The best thing I can say is Dr. Wisch listens to what I’m saying and asks questions to determine the issue and is always matter of fact about the situation.”
    – Amy J.
  • “Very much to the point, accurate and comforting.”
    – Andrew S.
  • “Dr. Wisch was very courteous & professional. Told me everything to expect during & after surgery. I would highly recommend him to my friends & family members.”
    – Sheryle B.
  • “The staff was wonderful. Dr. Wisch was very nice and did great with my hand.”
    – Diane V.
  • “Dr. Wisch is very timely, explained my options and helped me understand my situation. He was willing to work with me to meet my needs and help in any way he can.”
    – Amy A.
  • “I’ve been a patient with Dr. Wisch for over 10 years. He is very caring Dr. and he is one of the best hand Doctors around. He explains everything to you. If you need a good Dr. I would recommend Dr. Wisch. The office staff are also very nice polite and are always greeting you with a smile.”
    – Vickey L.
  • “Dr. Wisch made sure we were well informed when it came to our son's surgery. He and his staff were caring and professional at all times. The wait times were minimal and the office staff was pleasant.”
    – Paula M.
  • “I have had multiple surgeries with Dr. Wisch and each surgery has led to an extremely successful outcome. He is an outstanding surgeon and lovely to work with. We are lucky to have someone like him with such a high quality skill set in this area. The surgery center is a wonderful place to have surgery. It is filled with caring nurses and support staff and wonderful anesthesiologists who really work with patients to meet their particular needs. I recommend Dr. Wisch to everyone I know who is in need of a hand surgeon and those who have used him, completely agree with my assessment of him and the practice in general.”
    – Linda S.
  • “I was treated with compassion and respect. All of my questions were answered and any concerns were addressed immediately. My entire experience from my very first appointment, to my surgery and after care was extremely positive.”
    – Kelly D.
  • “Dr. Wisch helped me to fully understand my options and provided me with excellent care from start to finish.”
    – Rachel P.
  • “Everyone was very nice and helpful .”
    – Sarah C.
  • “Haven't had a cast since I was 5 years old so didn't know what to expect but was comfortable with my treatment. Extremely pleasant staff in all areas. Dr Wisch was very good and would highly recommend his service. Oh and almost no waiting.”
    – Russell S.
  • “It is wonderful to be able to return to a practice that has supportive Staff, Tech's, Nurses, PA's, and Doctors. Being a long time patient of Dr. Wisch's, I knew that I could trust his diagnosis. When I started having hand issues again, after 20+ years, I knew that my hand issues could be solved by seeing someone who I have seen and been treated by before. Dr. Wisch is always willing to look at every angle before just jumping into surgery. Giving things time, using up to date treatments to get the issues fixed. Having an on-site Surgical Center is fantastic. Saving the time and money of a hospital operating room is helpful. Not to mention, the fantastic staff that works there. Nurses and Anesthesiologists that can laugh and joke around with you prior to and after surgery helps keep your nerves at bay. LHOA is a fantastic organization to be treated by.”
    – Kristen H.