Dry Needling

Dedicated to offering you the most advanced treatment options to reach your rehabilitation goals, we offer dry needling as a nonsurgical, therapeutic component in treatment plans for certain muscular injuries and conditions. 

Dry needling, also known as intramuscular manual therapy, is a method used to release trigger points in the muscle using a thin, filament-like sterile needle. It is referred to as “dry” due to the lack of injection fluid. When inserted into healthy muscle tissue, very little sensation is felt, if any. 

Performed by our licensed physical therapist who has specific training in this treatment technique, dry needling can be an effective modality for alleviating pain and restoring function.

What is a trigger point? 

Also known as knots, trigger points are taut, irritable areas or bands of muscular tissue that are often tender to the touch. They are associated with a number of musculoskeletal injuries and can radiate pain outwards, limiting motion or lifestyle through dull or severe aching. 

What conditions does dry needling treat? 

Dry needling treats trigger points and other forms of muscular dysfunction and any related problems, such as tension headaches, neck and back pain, shoulder and hip pain, and certain tendinopathies.   

How does dry needling work?

When the needle is inserted into the trigger point or sensitive region, it stimulates sensitive nerves to trigger a spinal reflex that relaxes constricted tissues and contracted muscles that may be compressing nerves.

There are several techniques used in this therapy, depending on the needs and responses of the patient. Dry needling can involve more superficial or deeper needle placement, and session times may vary.

What can I expect after my treatment?

When your therapist is able to release shortened or constricted tissues to initiate healing, it should play a role in providing pain relief. Some patients are able to feel immediate relief with improved function, including demonstrating the ability to reach higher or walk with a more upright gait and improved stride. Other patients may need more time to experience results.

To find out if you’re eligible for this treatment, please call our office today at (860) 482-8539.

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