Dedicated to offering you the most advanced treatment options to reach your rehabilitation goals, we offer cupping as a nonsurgical, therapeutic component in treatment plans for certain injuries and conditions affecting the muscles or soft tissues. 

Cupping, also known as vacuum therapy, is a method used to help relieve various forms of muscular pain using therapeutic negative pressure.

Performed by our licensed physical therapists who have specific training in this treatment technique, cupping can be an effective modality for alleviating pain and restoring function.

What conditions does cupping treat?

Cupping is used postoperatively for swelling. It is also used for forms of muscular dysfunction and any related problems, such as sprains and strains of the neck and back as well as upper and lower extremities. 

How does cupping work?

When the plastic cups are applied to the area of sensitivity, swelling, or pain, the therapist will use a hand pump to make a vacuum seal to cause negative pressure. The skin and soft tissue are then lifted into the cup by the hand pump. 

Because the negative pressure relies on lifting the skin, this therapy is not used for those with skin lesions or on open wounds and is only used in areas with good skin integrity.

What can I expect after my treatment?

When your therapist is able to release fascia and constricted muscles using the cups, it should play a role in providing reduced swelling, stiffness, and inflammation. The negative pressure will work to increase blood flow and sedate the nervous system to promote pain relief. Cupping therapy is often used in conjunction with dry needling.

To find out if you’re eligible for this treatment, please call our office today at (860) 482-8539.

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