Globus Medical and Stealth Navigation Spine Procedures

As part of our dedication to providing the most advanced and effective treatments to our patients, our expertly trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lane Spero, offers minimally invasive, robotic-assisted cervical and lumbar (neck and back) procedures with the Globus Medical and Stealth Navigation systems.

Using advanced techniques and revolutionary robotic and navigation technology, Dr. Spero performs minimally invasive and open orthopedic and neurological surgeries for patients suffering from chronic conditions and acute injuries of the cervical and lumbar spine.

Robotic-assisted cervical and lumbar procedures offer patients the following benefits:

  • Precision and customization for more natural motion and better long-term outcomes
  • Significantly reduced radiation exposure
  • Quicker, less painful recovery than a traditional procedure
  • Less potential for postoperative complications
  • More preservation of healthy tissue for restored function

If you’re suffering from neck or back pain and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spero to see if you’re a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery, please call (860) 482-8539 or request an appointment online.