Patient Reviews: Leigh S. Brezenoff, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Brezenoff
  • “Dr. Brezenoff is very caring.”
    – Eleanor O.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff was very pleasant and down to earth.”
    – David T.
  • “Excellent visit. Very efficient. Great doctor.”
    – Kelly A.
  • “The overall experience was excellent! He was able to provide me with a wealth of information regarding my knee. I would highly recommend him!”
    – Donna L.
  • “Very good and efficient.”
    – Robert N.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff was very informative and comfortable. He explained my issue with my shoulder and gave me details about the process and procedures needed to repair it. I feel very comfortable having him do my surgery. I highly recommend him.”
    – Peter T.
  • “Friendly, professional, concerned, and thorough. Previously repaired my rotator cuff. I fell recently, hurting the same shoulder area. I left the office with a plan for healing and contingencies for care should we need to revisit results. A positive experience!”
    – Robin B.
  • “I had a swollen knee, Dr. Brezenoff was the Doctor who saw me. He had an excellent “bedside manner” and was thorough in his explanation explained of options. He ended up draining my knee, which he did a great job. I hardly felt anything! He’s great!”
    – David M.
  • “I was referred to Dr. Brezenoff by my primary care physician, for unrelenting pain in my left shoulder, after trying a few procedures with no success. I made the appointment and was able to meet him within a few days very quickly from my own opinion. The front desk staff were all very courteous and answered all of my questions truthfully and thoroughly. I got an X-ray within a few minutes of filling out my paperwork. And then a few minutes after that, I was placed in a room for a few more minutes, not bad at all, from arrival to this point was maybe 25 minutes. He knocked then entered the room and introduced himself with a handshake, after using some of that hand sanitizer. Then he gave me a summary of his experience and gave me a breakdown of what he saw and was looking for, all while leaving moments for any questions I may have had. Performed a few motion tests, talked about varying pain levels and explained he saw some things that were concerning on the X-rays but would like a more conclusive proof. I agreed a test would be beneficial for my consolation to possibly see the extent of the damage. He scheduled a follow up for a week from then. And when I returned for the follow-up, he received the "disc" and reviewed it for about 10-15 minutes while I waited in an exam room. When he arrived, he knocked and greeted me again. And started explaining to me what he saw, on his laptop pointing out different areas of concern, and asked if any of my symptoms had changed or worsened and at that point they had. So I explained what was happening since our last visit. He then proposed surgery and rather quickly too, a little too quick, I had work and children to contend with, so I asked about a surgery date two weeks out so I could arrange my next month or so. The surgery was at the Torrington office/ surgery center. Which was comfortable and clean; the desk associates were very pleasant and informative. I waited for about 15 minutes, and then they brought me back to a changing area, and then from there to the bed I would be prepped in, I.V.s, etc. I met with many nurses and an anesthesiologist, and then finally Dr. Brezenoff, where he explained again what we were going to try and accomplish and his plan, along with any worst case scenarios. When I woke after surgery just a few hours later, the nurse checked me and my stats, asked me a few sensitive questions then went to get my wife and the Dr. as soon as I could walk around and head cleared up I got released with a follow-up appointment already scheduled. I am now into my 5th week and in physical therapy and believe things are progressing well. The first pain and numbness I experienced before the surgery is gone. There are new pains that seem to come and go with the intensity levels of P.T., but it is expected.”
    – Thomas P.
  • “Dr. Brezendoff is prompt and efficient. He’s friendly and explains your problem and options to remedy. His staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend his practice.”
    – Todd Z.
  • “Enjoyable experience today. The anesthesiologist was great. Nurses were helpful. The doctor was very good at explaining things after surgery.”
    – Suzanne H.
  • “I found Dr. Brezenoff to be very concerned with my well being. He was very informative when describing my options of having surgery or letting my broken humerus heal on its own. He takes the time to listen, and I never felt I was being rushed. Excellent staff too!”
    – Lucille F.
  • “Very pleasant and knowledgeable to talk to. Provided the best care I have ever experienced. Explained everything and answered all my questions. Made me feel at ease and comfortable. Has a supportive staff that goes above and beyond any expectations. Always on time with appointments. The best care and service anywhere.”
    – Gabriel S.
  • “Everyone was very courteous, and my visit was prompt. I chose this facility because I have been treated here before and was very satisfied.”
    – Gayle S.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff doesn’t make you wait and listens to you!! Great work too!! I highly recommend him!!!”
    – Deborah G.
  • “Efficient, friendly, competent.”
    – Margaret H.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff was excellent! I knew I was getting the best care out there!”
    – Kenneth B.
  • “My shoulder surgery went very smoothly. My recovery was also a breeze because of the care and skill that was given by Dr. Brezenoff.”
    – Sharon K.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff gave me a full explanation of what the next option was for my knee injury. He answered all my questions and I didn’t feel rushed. I left the office with a positive outlook.”
    – William C.
  • “He was able to correct a past shoulder surgery done by another doctor and return it to a good working pain-free shoulder. I thank him and staff for the great work and results. Also, the staff at CHH were wonderful, Nurse Sabia in the OR was awesome and very caring and helpful. All was a perfect experience thank you.”
    – Duane B.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff was informative, compassionate and listened to questions l asked. Post surgery I worked with a fantastic physical therapy team with support overseen by Dr. Brezenoff. l have had a full recovery.”
    – Helen L.
  • “Had shoulder surgery and he explained everything about the procedure to make me at ease!”
    – Roger D.
  • “Great experience all around including PT.”
    – Linda M.
  • “Dr. Brezenoff and staff were great.”
    – Jared M.
  • “Very pleasant to talk with. Explains everything in depth. And most important he asks if I have any questions.”
    – Paul R.