Patient Reviews: Lane D. Spero, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 5
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The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Spero
  • “Dr. Spero was very nice and attentive. He listened to my story of woe and had advice on how to help me. PT here I come. Very nice doctor.”
    – Donna W.
  • “Dr. Spero was very informative and actually listened to my health concerns. He told me exactly what was going on with my lower back based on my scans. He even pointed to and showed me the issue that was causing me pain. He explained that surgery was my best option for relieving my pain and briefly walked me through how the procedure would happen. My overall experience with Dr. Spero was great, and I feel so much better now.”
    – Michael S.
  • “Excellent and knowledgeable.”
    – Eaos O.
  • “Dr. Spero explained the procedure very thoroughly. He asked how I was doing during the process. Very upbeat personality. An excellent experience.”
    – Marcia S.
  • “Dr. Lane Spero is an understanding, forthright, and highly skilled surgeon. He is an asset to the Litchfield Hills Orthopedic Associates. He inspires confidence and delivers.”
    – Judith E.
  • “Dr. Spero was clear and concise in his explanations; he was seemed quite compassionate and knowledgeable.”
    – Cynthia S.
  • “Dr. Spero operated on my back. The outcome was great. I have degenerative osteoarthritis, and I am having back problems again. Dr. Spero is the one to come to. He and the staff are great. They will take good care of you. Thank you guys for your service.”
    – Evelyn D.
  • “Very patient, listens, never rushes you, been very fair and celebrated with me.”
    – Eric S.
  • “Very patient.”
    – Eric S.
  • “Dr. Spero provided excellent care.”
    – Anthony D.
  • “Caring and experienced.”
    – Kriss H.
  • “Being injured an not knowing how to handle or what my options were speaking with Dr. Spero I couldn't talk more highly about him. I trust his educated experience.”
    – Nicholas B.
  • “Dr. Spero and Dr. Wisch were both great treating me for my injuries sustained in a work related accident. The rest of the staff there was also very friendly and knowledgeable in their duties.”
    – Robert N.
  • “I trust everything Dr. Spero says. I really love this guy he's straight forward and that's the best!!”
    – Donna F.
  • “Dr. Spero and the entire staff at Litchfield Hills Orthopedic Associates were very professional and pleasant to deal with. From diagnosing my back issue, through the surgery process, and also their on site rehabilitation center far exceeded my expectations. I hope to never require further surgeries but if I do I wouldn't choose anywhere but LHOA.”
    – Dan H.
  • “Dr. Spero is a dream!”
    – Nate T.
  • “I appreciate Dr. Spero's straight forward no nonsense approach. He also seems genuinely committed to helping me feel my best and caring about my needs or concerns. I also thoroughly researched his education and experience prior to engaging in surgery with him and I am confident he's one of the best in the field.”
    – Christine R.
  • “Emergency Left hip repair from a fall and healed wonderfully followed by rehab for several weeks!”
    – Patricia D.
  • “Dr. Spero was very compassionate and helpful.”
    – Rick D.
  • “The staff from the reception area, the nurses in the surgery room and recovery area were outstanding! All were efficient and kind. Dr. SPERO kept me informed throughout my procedure and the nurses kept me calm. It was a much easier procedure than I anticipated and I was kept comfortable throughout. I even received a follow-up call the next morning to make sure I was doing well!”
    – Janelle P.
  • “Very nice bedside manner, very personable, informative.”
    – Candace Q.
  • “I hurt my back and was in terrible pain. The staff got me in on very short notice. Dr. Spero's treatment worked much faster than I ever thought possible and I made a complete recovery.”
    – Mark L.
  • “I found Dr. Spero to be smart, thorough, honest, and patient. He took the time to explain my condition(s) and give suggestions for treatment. He reviewed my x rays and meds, and found a more supportive dosage of a med I was previously taking. He gave me the gentlest joint injection at the Surgery Center and it has helped me tremendously. After the injection he followed up with me and again made a plan for treatment that is beneficial to my condition. He has been very influential on my lifestyle and I trust him implicitly, and I am a skeptical nurse. I know I can get the best care from him going forward. He is truly a blessing.”
    – Donna B.